Where To Buy Abrasive Sanding Belts

There is little doubt that abrasive sanding belts are very useful in industrial sanding projects, but they are also used quite frequently for residential projects as well. Understanding a bit more about abrasive sanding belts can help you quite a bit when it comes time to decide which type of sanding belt would be best for the material you need to use it on. As is often the case, additional research on abrasive sanding belts will provide you with all of the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Picking a shop to purchase abrasive sanding belts from

When you head out in search of a store to purchase abrasive sanding belts at, you need to know exactly what type of abrasive sanding belts you need. Not all abrasive sanding belts will work well for every type of material, and some materials cannot be sanded properly without some specialized sanding belts. As such, once you know what types of materials can be sanded with specific sanding belts, it will be a lot easier to find a store that sells these specific types.

Finding the right abrasive sanding belts

Selecting an appropriate abrasive sanding belt often involves the length and thickness of the sanding belt being purchased. Selecting abrasive sanding belts is easy once you have determined the type of grit you require. Additional experimentation with different sandpapers manufactured by other companies can help you to discover a specific brand that appeals to you.

In general, you should know that there are distinct sandpaper grits for different projects. If you need to remove dust or reach specific spots between coats of paint, you will need a finer grit, typically in the range of 280-600. On the other hand, if you need to make the surface rough or wear it down, a coarser grit in the range of 30-120 should do just find. Most companies that sell industrial abrasives produce sanding belts with most grit levels, and industrial abrasive sanding belts tend to be a lot thicker and longer lasting than those designed for commercial or home use.

Buying abrasive sanding belts

Some manufacturers that you might want to consider include:

  • Norton Industrial Abrasives (this company has been in existence for more than 125 years, and operates globally, and offers numerous abrasive sanding products for industrial use).
  • Keystone Abrasives¬† (Smaller manufacturer with a decent online store set up to facilitate orders. It is easy to request a quote for pricing of industrial abrasives).
  • Hermes Abrasives (a large US company dealing with abrasive products. It is widely considered to be a leading manufacturer of industrial abrasive sanding belts in the Us).
  • Klingspor (Abrasive sanding belt manufacturer that originated in Germany in 1893, and boasts a wide range of high quality products for industrial sanding).

All of these manufacturers have been in existence for considerable time and distribute products nationally. Looking through their product catalogs may help you to find special discounts on bulk product orders, which can certainly be useful to those on a tight budget.



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