Guide To Using Abrasive Sanding Belts

Abrasive sanding belts are a great way to sand down your material to a more smooth state. They make the job go much quicker and provide a smoother finish. You should always use them in the correct way to prevent damage to the sander and material being sanded or injury to yourself. Safety is always important and you need to be aware of what you are doing to do the job properly and safely.

Before you use the Abrasive Sanding Belts and Belt Sander

As with any power tool it is important to check it is up to standard before use. This is the same for tools that get a lot of use, and for those which have been stored for long periods of time. They may have deteriorated and potentially may not be in safe working condition.Please ensure you run the following checks on the belt sander and the belt itself:

  • Does the belt have any tears or major damage? A worn belt does not produce the best results and can cause damage to the tool, the material being worked on and yourself.
  • Ensure the belt sander has no exposed wires and the power cord is in good condition.
  • Make sure that the attached belt is not secured too tight or too loose.
  • Before starting work on your material, decide whether it would be best to fasten it to a bench (using a jig).

How to use an Abrasive Sanding Belt

It is really quite simple to use a belt sander with attached abrasive sanding belt, if you follow the instructions below, your job will be completed safely and to a high standard.

  • Run the peruse instructions above to prep the tool for use.
  • If required fasten the wood you will be sanding to a workbench.
  • Ensure you have a correct grade of abrasive sanding belt on the belt sander for the work you will be doing. This step is important as different grades are used for different jobs and materials.
  • Power on the machine and once ready begin to sand your material. Ensure you don’t push down with too much force and use the same amount of force the whole time to ensure an even job. Sand on the downstroke of the belt sander and use steady even movements.
  • Once complete power off the machine and rotate the wood or prepare another piece of wood or other material.

Safety Tips When Using an Abrasive Sanding Belts

Remember that an abrasive sanding belt is a power tool which has the potential to cause damage, please ensure you follow these safety tips.

  • Do not hold the material you are working on by hand.
  • Use safety glasses and when working with sharp metal, gloves.
  • Ensure the sawdust collector is not full.
  • Make sure you prep the machine and wood as outlined above before use.
  • Make sure to fasten the belt correctly and it is neither too tight or too lose.



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